Bowling player socks

Bowling player socks.
Bowling player socks.

Reference: BWL

Bowling player socks are sold or donated when renting shoes at bowling alleys.

In individual sachets (one pair per sachet) for more cleanliness before use.
They are knitted with an 80% cotton yarn on the inside to ensure maximum comfort and a 100% polyester yarn on the outside to ensure resistance.
Tubular without heel to easily adapt to all shoe sizes.
Flat seam (Rosso) for more comfort.

Length: 53 cm

60% cotton,
40% polyester.

Package of 300 pairs:
300 pairs in one size,
That is 50 lots of 6 individually wrapped pairs.

Package size (L x W x H): 60 cm x 40 cm x 35 cm.

Package weight: 14,00 kg.

Availability: in stock.

Manufacturing: in Europe.

Possibility to add a personalized logo on production from 1000 dozen.